South Asian Leading Conference Organizer

TIIKM is a professional knowledge management company in Sri Lanka.

South Asian Leading Conference Organizer

TIIKM brings out exclusive knowledge sharing experience opportunity
TIIKM Conference
we are experienced and one of the leading conference organizers in South Asia. Our conferences offer world class experience to participants by maintaining standards of the conference, collaborating with world class journals for publications and providing great hospitality for the participants together with providing many opportunities to share their knowledge with each others. Dedicated and professional conference organizing team schedule more than 20 scientific research conferences for 2014.
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TIIKM Training
TIIKM Training division is dedicated to provide both in house and public training programs to uplift the skill level of your employees. Our training resource panel is well qualified and young in heart. Our strong research background always led us to acquire new and most updated concepts from the environment before everyone else and we are in a position to share our knowledge with you in bespoke manner. We lead your company toward success and help you to build up skillful and motivate work environment.
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ICAF 2014

ICODM 2014

ICOAF 2014

ICPSD 2014


ICOE 2014

ICSEA 2014

ICFA 2013

ICOHT 2014


Conference Updates

  • International Conference on Accounting and Finance (ICAF 2014)
    The Conference examines number of areas relating to the accounting, finance, banking and insurance. Research areas such as Corporate finance, corporate governance and ethics, finance reporting, financial risk management, portfolio optimization, Banking regulation and finance, International finance, Insurance sector practices, global reinsurance, taxation, retail customer decision making, e banking etc.
  • International Conference on Digital Marketing (ICODM 2014)
    This Conference scans the number of areas relating to the digital marketing including Analytics Driven Marketing, Omni Channel Marketing Success, Engaging Digital Marketing, Digital Branding, Customer Behavior Strategies, etc.The program consists of inspiring keynote presentations, case studies, research presentations and interactive sessions by world-class, researchers, scholars and professionals, industry leaders etc.

Training Updates

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