South Asian Leading Conference Organizer

TIIKM is a professional knowledge management company in Sri Lanka.

South Asian Leading Conference Organizer

TIIKM brings out exclusive knowledge sharing experience opportunity
TIIKM Conference
we are experienced and one of the leading conference organizers in South Asia. Our conferences offer world class experience to participants by maintaining standards of the conference, collaborating with world class journals for publications and providing great hospitality for the participants together with providing many opportunities to share their knowledge with each others. Dedicated and professional conference organizing team schedule more than 20 scientific research conferences for 2014.
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TIIKM Training
TIIKM Training division is dedicated to provide both in house and public training programs to uplift the skill level of your employees. Our training resource panel is well qualified and young in heart. Our strong research background always led us to acquire new and most updated concepts from the environment before everyone else and we are in a position to share our knowledge with you in bespoke manner. We lead your company toward success and help you to build up skillful and motivate work environment.
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EMAN 2015

ICOM 2015

WCOSM 2015

ICOSM 2015

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Conference Updates

  • Global Conference of Environmental and Sustainability Management Accounting Network(EMAN 2015)
    The Asia Pacific region is the fastest-growing source of greenhouse gas emissions and natural resource consumptions. The impact of climate change and rapid natural resource consumptions is evident in the region. The region’s consumption of resources is more than what its ecosystems can replenish, threatening the region’s self-sustaining mechanism. This has resulted in severe droughts, floods and other incidents that caused serious disruptions and volatility in the economies..

  • 3rd International Conference on Marketing (ICOM 2015)
    International Conference on Marketing - 2015 will be concentrated on New Technologies and Innovations in Marketing, Branding, Corporate and marketing communication, B2C and B2B marketing and General Marketing Tracks with oral and poster presentations..


  • World Conference on Supply Chain Management (WCOSM 2015)
    World Conference on Supply Chain Management – 2015 will inspire you with rich content and expert insights from some of the best marketing minds under the theme of ‘Redefining Marketing’.Designing and maintaining a healthy supply chain bring competitive advantages as in the current era the competition is not among the individual companies but among the supply networks..

  • International Conference on Services Marketing(ICOSM 2015)
    International Conference on Service Marketing - 2015 will inspire you with a theme of “Services Resurgence” ’.Services are an integral part of products, and yet interests in the marketing of services have not been always as intense as the efforts devoted to marketing of tangible products..

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  • Send an Application to Speak in a TIIKM Conference
    TIIKM will organize 40 conferences in 2050 which will cover important topics in the fields of life sciences, biotechnology, chemistry, drug discovery, venture capital, forensics, bio-software, management, agriculture, humanities, poverty, aquaculture, social sciences, finance, marketing etc. We will gather together leading professionals from all over the world to present and discuss the latest breakthroughs and innovations in these fields. If you would like to participate in a conference, please contact us.
    If you interest to be a keynote speaker, Write to Oshadee Withanawasam on

  • Interested In Being A Future Chair?
    Would you like to chair one of our future conferences? Or do you have a suggestion for a conference topic? If so, we would love to hear from you.

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